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Pars pro toto: Donaustadtbrücke 1995/97 -Erdberger Brücke 1969/71 - Roßauer Brücke 1981/83

In 1964, after a previous partnership, Alfred Pauser, a civil engineer open to all new developments, founded an engineering consultancy and, through his creative designs for innovative bridges – initially only as suggested alternative options – quickly succeeded in establishing himself amongst the foremost civil engineering practices. As early as the 1950s he had ventured into designs which went beyond the standard structural solutions, making full use of the aesthetic and structural variety offered by pre-stressed concrete constructions, which in those days was still in its infancy.
It was a natural progression to expand his activities into industrial and building construction and, especially, into the extensive field of infrastructure – particularly underground railway construction.

After his appointment to Technical University Vienna as Professor, his partnership with his earlier colleagues Karl Beschorner, Peter Biberschick and Hans Klenovec, who all had much respect for each other, became more intensive, and whilst maintaining a clear distinction from his university duties, culminated in the foundation of the Ingenieurbüro A. Pauser ZT-Ges.m.b.H.

At the turn of the century, University Professor Dr. A Pauser left the consultancy. His work for the development of the construction industry, which is evidenced by a number of published books and over 100 articles, as well as his appointment to high functions in relevant professional organisations, associations and consultative committees, was honoured by 12 international, national and academic awards.
At the same time, the company changed its name to PAUSER ZT-GMBH and the management passed into younger hands. The two other partners remained in the consultancy thus ensuring continuity in the transition.
In August 2008, the consultancy included DI Helmut Kral, DI Gerald Foller, DI Christian Binder, DI Manfred Heinlein, DI Thomas Kuhnle and DI Alfred F. Mayerhofer as partners and in 2009, it changed its name to PCD ZT-GmbH. Due to illness Mr. Gerald Foller was displaced as CEO on Jan 16 2012.
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